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The Struggle of a New Author

If you are new to writing, then we hope this article will help ease some of the obstacles or pressures you may face as a budding author. One important aspect is to stay focused and not let your self get caught up in the mundane. Brainstorming or timelining your story are great tools to help visualize the project you are working on. The use of timelining can aid in maintaining the flow of your story as an instrument to reign in any overflow or superfluous attention on topics unnecessary to your story, that can occur. Free writing, which is a technique that gives the author a predetermined amount of time to write without regard to spelling or grammar, is a practice used by some authors to overcome “writer’s block.” A character development diagram (CDD) is another useful device for keeping an account of affectations, relationships, personality traits, and importance within your story. The CDD is also important when working with co-authors to ensure your characters and events maintain their integrity. Imagination and creativity are a cornerstone of fiction composers but can occasionally run wild with tangents, so it is helpful to have the tools you need to keep on track to meet those elusive deadlines. Some writers can get caught in a loop by re-reading their current work too often looking for that jumping point in a new chapter or an opening to flesh out an existing story point. It is critical to review your work but do not let yourself get hung up, keep writing. I often envision a large puzzle that once I have a majority of the pieces, I can arrange the story line more poignantly allowing the much desired and needed progress I crave toward completion of a new work. Remember to keep writing and don’t be afraid, near the end of the project, to pull out portions that do not work. The existence of too much work is rare and can usually be used for future developments.

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