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Developing Your Artistic Ability

Along with drawing and sketching every day, it is important to flex your perception. Many

artists love expressing their imagination through the art they create. If you were to only draw or paint imaginary people, things, or places you will likely stagnate in your abilities. Take the time to draw every-day objects, people, and places to maintain the elasticity of your artistic eyes. Surprisingly, by forcing yourself to draw things outside of your interest will most often hone your ability to express the passion you feel for other projects. As well as drawing the mundane, it is important sometimes to draw things you are not inspired by. The practice of pushing your imagination to make things you are not fond of more appealing will flex different aspects of your imagination and will only expand your abilities.

We are not suggesting your turn your life upside down and draw all the things you are not fond of. An example of expanding your abilities is to draw something you love in a different fashion such as upside down or even draw a cat from the opposite direction. Techniques are polished through challenge and adjusting your perception of reality will aid you in understanding what you are seeing in your mind or on the chair. Do not be afraid to change the color or dimensions of your subject as this can also tone your expression of the task(s) at hand. Remember to keep your passion and share it with your viewers. The more you appreciate your production the better others will come to understand your intentions.

If you would like to see more on this topic, please let us know!

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