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Developing a Positive and Productive Artistic Habit

Drawing every day is an excellent and attainable goal. A terrific daily goal is to prepare three to five (3-5) sketches, engaging your imagination. This practice will provide a pool of material that can aid you as an artist, in current or future projects offering a possible draft for your portfolio. You can increase the number of sketches but you should expect at least a three month period involving the process of shading, angle corrections, and character or background adjustments to ensure consistency for any specific projects. As an artist you will also face the potential for distractions on different or conflicting styles of projects or just life poking its head in, stirring it up. As much as we wish to be successful, we must be our own person as well and live a fulfilling life. Inspiration will come and go, but balance is the key to reducing stress and making room to share good and lasting art.

When developing positive habits it is important to create routines in your daily life. It is important to know that you should not draw or paint for a few days and believe you are done while going about other routines. Many studies have exemplified this process can take three to four weeks when developing a habit and integrating it into your daily routines. Upon having at least a month of daily expressions in your artistic talents you can adjust your schedule to include this new routine increasing efficiency and productivity proven through your refined productions. Artists who produce consistent and polished work are happy artists! Your new-found habits will prove that producing three to five (3-5) productions per day is easily attainable offering you the ability to increase this to five to seven (5-7) or even more examples of your talent per day. You may even find the ability to split your artistic palate across more than one project in any given day, but be aware that pushing yourself can eventually become overbearing while potentially reducing your overall productivity. Production will come with time so with a steady hand do not fear pushing yourself while pursuing your goals!

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