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Developing a Positive and Productive Writing Habit

Writing every day is an excellent and attainable goal when you are working on a project. A terrific goal is two hundred and fifty words per day for a forty-thousand-word book. This practice will provide a pool of material of one thousand two hundred and fifty words per week offering five thousand words per month and an expected eight-month time line for your first draft. This can be increased of course but you should expect at least three months for changes, corrections, and character or event adjustments to ensure consistency. As a writer you will also face the potential for distractions on other projects or just life poking it’s head in to stir things up. As much as we wish to be a successful author, we must be a person as well to live a fulfilling life. Happiness will wax and wane, but balance is the key to reducing stress and making room to share good and lasting experiences.

When developing positive habits in our lives it is important to take make them a routine in daily life. Remember that you should not write for a few days and believe that you are set and then go about your other routines. Many studies have shown that it takes three to four weeks to develop a habit and incorporate it in to your daily routine. Once you have at least a month of writing daily you can adjust your schedule to include this new routine increasing your efficiency and productivity. An author who writes regularly is a happy author! With your new-found habit you may find that two hundred and fifty words is more easily attainable and increase to three, four, or even five hundred words per day. You may even find that you are able to split your writing in to more than one project in any given day but be aware that pushing yourself can eventually be over tasking and stunt overall productivity. You may not start out writing as much as you want but keep at it and it will come!

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