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My Art and Inspirations - Rosie L Wells

I am an Illustrator out of Anaheim, California. I can honestly say that I became interested with art, when I was at least 5 years old, and have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. Art has always had a special spot in my life, as I think it best fits how I can describe myself, where words often fail. I am a well-rounded artist, dabbling in water colors, card making, sculpting, acrylics, and various other outlets of art media. I think I really became interested in honing my craft in my teenage years, mainly throughout high school. I am often a dreamer, which I think makes for great art, as the imagination is quite limitless.

I don’t tend to think of my work as a set style of drawing, as I am forever changing, adapting, and evolving as I continue to learn my craft. I draw inspiration from real life, as well as fantasy, and otherworldly subjects. I think I can describe my style of drawing, if I had to categorize it, as animated. Meaning, that I think people can identify with the characters that I create and find joy in the illustrations. I tend to lean towards light-hearted and funny subjects as I find that these tend to describe me the best.

One of the reasons I love art so much, is because people can always find a connection in something that is created through emotion. I am a firm believer that art is something you put your heart into, your sadness, your joys, and even your heartbreaks. It comes from somewhere deep within and I think that resonates with people on many different levels. I really enjoy sharing that, with fans of my art, and people discovering me for the first time. My journey in the art world is still ongoing, and I look forward to taking this adventure, and seeing where it leads me.

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