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Professional Development - Adrie Newman

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

In my position as Business Manager/Editor/Writer, I support Poisoned Heart Productions by managing day to day operation, editing completed works from other authors, and providing ghost writing when needed. I am also currently working on a Sci-Fi Novella, that I am quite excited to share once completed.

Prior to working at PHP, I have had a wide variety of different positions over more than 17 years for a diverse range of organizations including med-device, local government, and non-profit organizations. These positions progressed in responsibility levels as my experience grew and include Life Guard, Librarian Assistant, Office Support Technician, Receptionist, Word Processing Supervisor, Contract Specialist, ASR Specialist (liaison for HCA to the County Board of Supervisors), Budget Specialist, Regulatory and Contract Specialist, Clinical Affairs Support, and Compliance Specialist.

In addition to working at PHP, I also endeavor to support community contribution programs. In this vein, I currently support the Compliance division of a non-profit called National Upcycled Computing Collective (NUCC, Inc) as well as participate in my local Order of the Eastern Star chapters and event.

In my off time, I enjoy hobbies including spending time with my family, reading, playing video games and streaming on Twitch.

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