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The Ultimate Poison
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What’s the one poison that has a complete effect on people throughout most of their lives? Love. As a child you think it is gross yet as you get older you crave it. When you are in a good relationship it makes you feel high and so happy yet if you are in a horrible relationship you feel a low like no other. You can try pushing it away because you feel it is toxic yet after your heart has healed you tend to want to rediscover it and try again. Love is the ultimate poison. No need to always think of it in a negative way. Love will always be my poison of choice.


Poisoned Touch represents the touch of love. Sometimes it might be scary from lack of experience or not knowing who to trust. Don’t ignore your instincts since they will help you know your limits. They will test your personal judgments which might help your boundaries change directions as time goes on. It might not always be the right feeling from the right person but hopefully you’ll have more uplifting moments than anything else.

"Poisoned Touch" a poetry book written by Monica.

Poisoned Heart Productions

30 Hughes #202

Irvine, CA 92618

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